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The Nate Jones Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide mentoring and aid resources to at-risk youth in Chicago. The organization's founder, Chicago native Nate Jones, is a former Heavy Weight Boxing champion and an accomplished trainer, assisting perennial World Boxing Champion Floyd Money Mayweather, Jr.


The Nate Jones Foundation's mentoring program is two-fold, providing mentees with trained counselors skilled in career planning and self-esteem building. The program targets at-risk youth from modest backgrounds—circumstances similar to those experienced by Nate Jones himself. Jones has historically accredited his lifetime success to his relationship with veteran boxing trainer and mentor Tom O’Shea, whom Jones met when he was only nine years old and still living in the now notorious Cabrini–Green housing projects.


With the help of O’Shea, Jones was able to overcome his past as a gang member, criminal and convict and become an Olympic bronze-medalist by the age of 24. Since then, Jones has expressed a resolute passion to provide at-risk youths with the proper guidance to not just survive, but thrive. His story serves not only as inspiration for children raised in hardship, but also as proof that, with the right support, these kids can change their socio-economic situation and build better lives for themselves. The Nate Jones Foundation is a crucial effort to change the quality of life for Chicago’s youth and give them the power and support to build their futures.





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